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  Friends of Abraham Staats House, Inc. (FASH)

Membership Survey


Please help us better understand what is important to our current and potential FASH members by filling out the survey below.

You may do this anonymously, or if you wish, provide your name.  We appreciate your help and involvement!  Please check the appropriate box in each section: 


I am currently:

  a member of The Friends of Abraham Staats House (FASH)     

  interested in becoming a member


  not interested


I learned about the Friends of Abraham Staats House after:

   a friend/relative/acquaintance told me about it.

   I toured the Abraham Staats House/attended a FASH event

   I read about the organization through a newspaper article (please list name)

   I referenced the organizations Internet site (

   Other:  Please specify, including other Web sites:      


I am interested in membership because I:  (check as many as apply)

   want to be involved in a meaningful volunteer opportunity

   am interested in history in general

   want to help preserve an historic structure

   know someone in the group, thought I’d enjoy the social aspect

   want to do contribute to my community

   Other: please specify:       



My expectations as a member include:  (check as many as apply)

   being actively involved in FASH events/programs

   helping to accomplish a worthy goal (preservation, education of public, etc.)

   potentially serving as an officer (i.e., president, vice president, treasurer, secretary)

   taking a role in a committee (i.e., publicity, fundraising, grounds/house maintenance,

        planning, program development, etc.

   Meeting new people in our group and other historic groups



I think other people would enjoy being in this group because: 


Do you have comments/suggestions that might help us improve the FASH organization

and/or motivate membership?  


Retype the word that appears here - Jack :                   



Street Address: 
Street Address: 
  State:      Zip Code:  

Telephone: E-Mail: 


Please print Membership Survey Confirmation and mail to:

The Friends of Abraham Staats House, Inc.

P.O. Box 115, South Bound Brook, NJ 08880

Thank you, for participating in our Survey.



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The Friends of Abraham Staats House, Inc. received an operating support grant from

the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State.